Nugttah Secures Seed Funding Round: Led by Mawasem Development Company.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
Nugttah, the leading edge of customer-business relationships, is delighted to announce the successful completion of its seed funding round, securing 8.5 million Saudi Riyals in strategic investments. It is evident that Nugttah strives to deepen their relationship with their valued partners and customers to meet their evolving needs. Moreover, distinguished investors, drawn to the extraordinary growth potential of the platform, have embraced Nugttah’s vision to redefine customer engagement.

Nugttah, founded by Sumayah Al Zamil, Shahaleel Al Yousef, and Madhawi Al Zamil, is a blend of technical skill, business insight, and dedication to local business development. Initially established IntelCodes in 2017, a software house, utilizing backgrounds with major corporations like Saudi Aramco, giving them a profound grasp of technology and strategy. 

As a driving force in the food and beverage services industry, Nugttah’s mission is to empower businesses with transformative customer retention solutions. Nugttah’s wide array of innovative tools encompasses customer engagement and marketing solutions aimed at boosting sales and foot traffic in restaurants and cafes. With a flexible loyalty program, an enchanting digital menu, seamless contactless pre-order services, and robust analytics, Nughtta’s platform is purpose-built to foster enduring connections between customers and merchants.

“This funding will play a pivotal role in expediting Nugttah’s trajectory to new heights, empowering us to elevate the impact of our products and deliver even greater value to our cherished customers and business owners and it will help us in expanding our market presence, and strengthening our customer support.” said Sumayah Al Zamil, Co-founder and CEO of Nugttah. 

“This investment is a turning point for ‘Nugttah,’ launching us into a future filled with opportunity. It fuels our drive to develop innovative solutions, attract top talent, and strengthen our technological foundation. We’re not just growing; we’re leading, transforming, and ready to change the way our industry operates.” said Shahaleel Al Yousef, Co-founder and CTO of Nugttah.

Alignment of Vision: Investor’s Perspective
“Investing in Nugttah resonates with our commitment to supporting innovative startups that drive positive change,” expressed Mawasem Development Company, representing one of the lead investors. “Nugttah’s potential to redefine customer engagement in the food and beverage services industry is truly promising.”

About Nugttah
In addition to offering data-driven analytics, contactless preorder services, and customizable loyalty programs, Nugttah orchestrates customer retention as a leading platform in Saudi Arabia. Empowering businesses with innovative solutions, Nugttah provides in depth analytics about customer behavior predictions to their clients for growth and success.  Nugttah’s digital wallet seamlessly replaces outdated cards, striking an effortless redemption and loyalty points earning and sending out gift cards.